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Amaqqut Nunaat


Written and Directed by: Neil Christopher TRT: 12 min (Canada) A hunting excursion evolves into an otherworldly encounter, as two brothers navigate the spirit realm in this ethereal and haunting animation that celebrates the ancient art of Inuit storytelling.  



Written and Directed by: April Marcell TRT: 14 min (USA) A woman is gripped by depression and her battle to overcome it. Depression is real and it simmers and hides deep within. This film unveils the truth and spreads awareness in hopes that the sting of depression can no longer steal lives.  

Bruehm’s Closet

Written and Directed by: Ramona Taylor TRT: 16 min (USA) Milton Bruehm is one of the world’s invisible men, but life means more to him than anyone could imagine. Milton has a precious secret and it remains hidden in the most obvious place – his closet.  

Keepers of the Flame


Directed by: Tim Reid & Sunny Zhao Written by: Hugh Wilson TRT: 25 min (USA) Virginia’s central role in American history is celebrated through Keepers of the Flame, the new visitor film for the Virginia State Capitol. The film features compelling stories of individuals who have made an impact on Virginia history, from well-known figures […]

Me Dicen Cuba


(They Tell me Cuba) Written and Directed by Pablo Massip TRT: 52 min (Cuba) Of all the arts, the only one that doesn’t exist is music. Music doesn’t exist. It only exists in the minds and imaginations of men and women. Music begins where words end. It is with these words that the master musician […]

Blues in the Night

Blues In the NIght pic

Created and Directed by: Tim Reid TRT: 10 min (USA) Blues in the Night is a modern day film noir web series featuring the scandalous adventures of a talented and passionate club singer named Lura Mendes, whose beauty, passion, and talent always seem to lead her down a road full of trouble. When a life […]

Triple Nickle

Triple Nickles

The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, called the Triple Nickles, was WWII America’s “first all-black parachute infantry test platoon, company, and battalion.” Their pride in being American and a highly skilled combat company, helped them endure the struggle they were up against at home and abroad in the 1940’s and 50’s, when the Triple Nickle shined […]

Red Ball Express


TRT: 22 min (USA) During World War II in Nazi occupied France, a unique transportation unit was formed to keep General Patton’s lightening fast troops supplied. The Red Ball Express was made up of over 8,000 Black troops. Back home their loyalties and intelligence were questioned, but on the shores of France, in a war […]

Black Wheels


The history of Blacks in NASCAR and other motor sports Written and Produced by Byron Hunter & Omar Akil TRT: 48 min (USA) Showcasing the often overlooked achievements of African-Americans in motor sports, this groundbreaking documentary shows African-American influences in the invention of stock car racing in the 1920s and showcases the careers of Black […]