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The Life and Times of Elizabeth Keckly

Directed by: Tim Reid TRT: 44 min (USA) ***PREMIERE*** A true Renaissance woman, who despite the Civil War milieu, became one of the most extraordinary success stories of that era. Elizabeth Keckly, born enslaved in Virginia, supported herself as a seamstress and dressmaker, and amassed $1200 to purchase her freedom. Moving to Washington, DC in […]


Written, produced, and directed by: Guenny K. Pires TRT: 79 min. (Cape Verde Islands/Sao Tome’ & Principe/Portugal/USA) (Narrated in English. Some Creole & Portuguese w/English subtitles) This docudrama film explores the compelling story of two African countries (Cape Verde and São Tome and Príncipe) forever linked by a history of poverty and slavery, and two […]

Jazz and Us

Written and Directed by: Gloria Rolando TRT: 44 min (Cuba) (In Spanish with English subtitles) This documentary relates a chapter in the history shared by Afrocubans and African Americans through their common culture. It’s the story of a group of black Havana youths in the 1940’s and 50’s who hung out around jazz. In private […]

Builders of the Alcan Highway


TRT: 22 min (USA) In an amazingly short eight months span, under the harshest weather conditions, 3,600 Black army troops persevered to accomplish an incredible feat of engineering and building the WWII critical defense route known as “The Alcan Highway”. These unheralded men cleared 1,621 miles of rugged, unmapped wilderness stretching from British Columbia to […]

Choose Me


Directed by: Alan Rudolph Producers: Carolyn Pfeiffer, David Blocker Exec. Producer: Shep Gordon, Chris Blackwell TRT: 106 min. (USA) Enjoy a screening of the audaciously intriguing 1984 film “Choose Me”, followed by a conversation with special guest actress Rae Dawn Chong on the making of the film.     Auteur director Alan Rudolph (Afterglow) writes […]



Directed by: Rae Dawn Chong TRT: 44 min (USA) Xila (Sheelah) is a woman who in escaping a bad marriage, settles in the Seacoast and serves her community as a “Celebrant”, a spiritual witness to life and everything in between.

Meñique (in 3D)

Menique composite

Written and Directed by Ernesto Padrón TRT: 80 min (Cuba) *US Premiere Meñique is the story of a young Cuban farmer who wants to help his family out of poverty by going to the city with his brothers. The group discovers that a massive enchanted oak tree has the King’s palace living in darkness and […]

Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corp

Written and Directed by: Booker Mattison TRT: 18 min (USA) Habeas Corpus is the story of a man who can’t get over the death of his father, so he steals his body from the funeral home. The film explores the miraculous, belief and the unexpected turns that life often takes.

Point of Pride: The People’s View of Bayview/Hunter’s Point


 Produced by: Dimitri William Moore Among the Directors: Latiece Brown (LMI Fellow) TRT: 26 min (USA) Point of Pride: The People’s View of Bayview/Hunter’s Point is a documentary film about the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. Point of Pride combines archival footage from the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s with present-day viewpoints and reactions to […]



Written and Directed by: Tyler Lyon TRT: 13 min (USA) A neurologist takes his first new patient – a man with severe short term and long term memory loss. Through their conversations, the neurologist comes to better terms with his own life and finds hope for his patient.