Me Dicen Cuba

(They Tell me Cuba)MeDicenCuba
Written and Directed by Pablo Massip
TRT: 52 min (Cuba)

Of all the arts, the only one that doesn’t exist is music. Music doesn’t exist. It only exists in the minds and imaginations of men and women. Music begins where words end.
It is with these words that the master musician and composer Sergio Vitier begins the narration of “They Tell Me Cuba,” a documentary film that explores the unique experience and outlook of prominent musicians in Cuba today on subjects of universal concern such as, music, peace, love, friendship, family, community and nation. With, among more than 70 musicians, Digna Guerra, Sergio Vitier, Vicente Feliú, Lázaro García, Kiki Corona, Amaury Pérez, Raúl Paz, Luna Manzanares, Vania Borges, Baby Lores, Tanmy López, Yadira Estruch, the Buena Fe duet, Paulo FG, Héctor Gutierrez, Silvio Rodriguez.


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