Meñique (in 3D)

Menique composite

Written and Directed by Ernesto Padrón
TRT: 80 min (Cuba)
*US Premiere

Meñique is the story of a young Cuban farmer who wants to help his family out of poverty by going to the city with his brothers. The group discovers that a massive enchanted oak tree has the King’s palace living in darkness and without water, and learns that the ruler has promised anyone able to cut the tree down and release a fountain, a title of nobility and marriage to his daughter, Princess Denise.

Meñique is the first Cuban Feature in 3D

Freely adapted version of the short story Pulgarcito by the French author Édouard Laboulaye, which was adapted by the founder of the Cuban nation, José Martí, for the magazine La Edad de Oro.

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