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Directed by: Rae Dawn Chong TRT: 44 min (USA) Xila (Sheelah) is a woman who in escaping a bad marriage, settles in the Seacoast and serves her community as a “Celebrant”, a spiritual witness to life and everything in between.

Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corp

Written and Directed by: Booker Mattison TRT: 18 min (USA) Habeas Corpus is the story of a man who can’t get over the death of his father, so he steals his body from the funeral home. The film explores the miraculous, belief and the unexpected turns that life often takes.



Written and Directed by: Tyler Lyon TRT: 13 min (USA) A neurologist takes his first new patient – a man with severe short term and long term memory loss. Through their conversations, the neurologist comes to better terms with his own life and finds hope for his patient.



Written and Directed by: April Marcell TRT: 14 min (USA) A woman is gripped by depression and her battle to overcome it. Depression is real and it simmers and hides deep within. This film unveils the truth and spreads awareness in hopes that the sting of depression can no longer steal lives.  

Bruehm’s Closet

Written and Directed by: Ramona Taylor TRT: 16 min (USA) Milton Bruehm is one of the world’s invisible men, but life means more to him than anyone could imagine. Milton has a precious secret and it remains hidden in the most obvious place – his closet.